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Yarn Bowls

I've been really into crocheting and knitting recently.

At first, I tried to print a knitting loom. This is great if you have a big enough 3D printer lol, but those looms did not work out well for me. I did, however, find a few yarn bowls I printed that came out really well!

Garden Signs!

You can see these on Instagram also!

I made these cute little garden stakes for labeling my garden. Super simple, made with TinkerCad.


Honda-Borbet Wheel Center Caps

A 3D-Print project I am working on. I bought new Borbet wheels, but I want cool center caps and instead of buying some or slapping some stickers on, I figured I'll use this as a learning experience. (also lol because I've failed so many times.)

Working on getting my progress documented and up here as well. I think I may have finally gotten it right!

key tags

3D-Print Key Tags!

I used black and white .png images (the honda logo, "Blueberry" text image from Procreate) and converted them to .stl objects (PNG -> SVG -> STL, just google for a converter).


Then, I used those objects as holes on a thin rectangle object in Tinkercad, and added another small hole for the key ring to go through.

This was my first custom 3D print where I used more than one color of filament. Pretty cool!

White Claw Boat

This is a boat I made out of White Claw cans (2020) lol. I think I wrote a blog post on an old blog about it. I'll add something here eventually!

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