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Design Line Book - Purdue 2020

Line Book Cover
Line Book 1
Line Book 2
Line Book 3
Line Book 4
Line Book 5
Line Book 6
Line Book 7
Line Book 8
Line Book 9

Design Portfolio - Purdue 2020

RDG (Risque Development Group)

I worked as a full-stack web developer on campus during my last 2 years at Purdue and this position really meant a lot to me.


Being the only non-CS major on the team (I'm a techie!), along with studying a minor in Art & Design, I was the go-to design person on our small team of seven.

Since I did not want to "inconvenience" my manager (my words, no one else's lol) and I did not have access to any premium Adobe software the year I created these designs, I used Adobe Spark and MS Paint to create the flyers and logos, respectively (shown in the gallery on the left). 

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