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This page features two video games created with Unreal Engine 4 during my last year at Purdue. It would have been great to study game dev further as I had the best time making these games!

Someday I would like to be involved on another game. Creating a game on my own sounds fun, too. Just time consuming. Anyway, check it out!

Atomic James - Game Dev

Atomic James

AJ Logo-01.png

Atomic James logo -created in Adobe Illustrator

Atomic James Trailer Video


continuous background for 3D runner game, Atomic James, made in Adobe Illustrator (4 images), implemented in Unreal Engine 4, 2020


alt image 1 - without nuclear plant in background

Final Dev Team Commentary

Dev Commentary

Blueprint Programming

Crab Kingdom - Game Dev

Crab Kingdom

Development - Week 1

Development - Week 2

unreal engine 4 blueprint

Development - Week 3

unreal engine 4 blueprint

Development - Week 4

Development - Week 5

Blueprint Programming - Character Switching, Dialogue, Decisions

unreal engine blueprint
unreal engine blueprint visual novel

Final Dev Commentary

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