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3D Printing Ideas for Creatives

Updated: Apr 26

Last year, I got a 3D printer for my birthday. Even though I don't use it often, I wanted to create a post for useful 3D-printed things I have printed and used. I've used my 3D printer for a whole bunch of fun, little things but also very practical things as well.

Desk Organization

You can print wire holder clips or other organizational tools for your desk or creative spaces!

Search for anything you can think of! book ends, soap containers, brush cleaning mats, etc.

Hat Stand

When I was crocheting a lot of fun bucket hats, I found this hat stand particularly useful when it came time to photograph the hats. I didn't do anything special to print this hat stand and it prints in 2 pieces. You can find it here.

Yarn Bowl + Other yarn accessories

I found this yarn bowl on Thingiverse and scaled it to be a bit larger. It printed perfectly with the settings mentioned and you can find it here.

I've printed yarn needles also and they work really well!

Garden Signs

I'm planning to start a new garden this year so maybe I will add more signs eventually, but here are the garden signs I used last year (and also for my herbs inside all year round).

Updated garden signs (2023) can be found here!

Key Tags

I've created designs for Honda, Ford Mustang, Tire Rack, and Art by Nicole Griffin key tags.

A short tutorial on how to design your own is on this page!

I just started to upload my designs to Thingiverse so that I can share them with others and easily access them when I need to. Check it out!

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