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Cows in Love

Updated: Feb 22

Cows in Love was created for fun. This project has allowed me to be more comfortable using Procreate as well as documenting and analyzing my creation process. I have completed other drawings using the Procreate app before this; however, Cows in Love is special because of the story behind it. Allow me to start from the beginning and share my thoughts and interpretations of the piece:

At first glance, this really isn’t an impressive piece to me. Two cows in a field with heart emoticons above their heads. As I stated earlier, I am still new to using Procreate (and digital art overall) so I am not really worried about the technical parts of this drawing in particular.

The idea of Cows in Love happened when my boyfriend had mentioned working on a painting together in an effort for him to better understand the process and, you know, do something fun and different. Prior to this, he had suggested I paint a cow since he apparently really likes cows.

We were texting one day about a painting we could work on together, and I believe he had suggested we could paint 2 cows. You know, like a cow for me and a cow for him... He then sent me this very rough sketch on Snapchat:

Immediately when I saw it, I pictured the Cows in Love drawing. Me and my boyfriend… but as cows. I really love this drawing because I included details unique to us, mostly just the piercings.

I did give my cow some cow bangs though and I think it’s adorable, topped with yellow bows because yellow is his favorite color (wow so cute, right?).

Oh, also there’s obviously a brown cow and a white cow. Now, I didn’t really think about the message of interracial love at the time I was creating the piece but rather just turning my boyfriend and me into cows. And look at his curly hair! Who wouldn’t love a curly-haired cow?

So that’s the short story! I wanted to share this for a couple of reasons. First, I have been pushing myself more to document my art. Also, a lot of my pieces don’t have deeper meanings (and how can they unless I, or anyone else, assigns those deeper meanings). With that said, I think it is important as an artist to analyze and critique your own artwork. I haven’t always been the greatest at it. I’m just going to try.

I'll leave you with the Procreate time-lapse for Cows in Love:

Thank you for reading, let me know what you think!

You can see more Cows in Love content on my:

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