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Free Seed Envelope Printable

Updated: Aug 12, 2023

I've started to harvest seeds from the various fruits and vegetables I bring home from the grocery store, or the ones I grab from my garden. Doing this though, I have noticed myself needing a way to store the seeds properly and not have them all clutter up and be ugly. I was going to use plastic bags, but I honestly hate using plastic. Anyway I had this idea to measure some of the seed envelopes I already have at home and then create a template so I could print them out and have them like instantly.

I'll admit these aren't the cutest seed envelopes in the world, but they're so easy to print and assemble to have small envelopes perfect for seeds!


Cut out the envelope on the thin outline and fold on all edges on the thicker outline. Tape or glue the envelope together, with the shorter tab side inside of the longer tab side :)

Here is the template:

Download PDF • 213KB


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