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This page consists of some master studies and other oil paintings from my time at Purdue, along with some other paintings and painting updates!

Since I've stopped taking commissions for a while I've been focusing on myself. I do plan to continue painting in the future as I love it but cannot find a good time to really do it right now.

I started crocheting a lot more recently and I really love it!

My grandmother crocheted when I was younger and maybe that's why it means to much to me, but I've been on a journey to get better at it.

Here, you can find some in progress, and finished, crochet pieces I've made.

I've also recently started getting into knitting as well! Which I'm not as great at, but still love it!

Sewing projects can also be found on this page.

I got a 3D printer for my birthday this year from my boyfriend!

Since then I've created wheel center caps, key tags, garden signs, and a lot of fun, cute gifts for people.

I also made a white claw boat one time lol check it out!

I also have started to add some designs on my Thingiverse profile.

I took two game development classes at Purdue in my senior year.

Not going to lie, I kind of wanted to change my major once I got into the class and met so many awesome game devs haha

At least I was able to make two different games during that time and showcase them here! 

I took a design class at Purdue (and a Photography class lol).


This page has some of my designs from the design class.


I want to add more here, just have not gotten around to it yet :) 

I really love taking photos and having photoshoots by myself haha, but I don't typically share them. Maybe some day.

You might have noticed the YouTube social link I added to my site.

YouTube is something I did consistently during my last 2 years at Purdue (2018-2020). Thing is though, nobody knew about it, except for a couple trusted individuals lol. I also did YouTube as a teenager making skits but sadly those have all been deleted lol.

I made all the videos private after I graduated, but want to go through the process of making some of them public again haha.

I have a really hard time showing my true personality to people in real time. Making videos really helped me find who I am and what I like to do, and how to share those things with others. 

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