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Nicole Griffin graduated from Purdue University in 2020 with a major in Computer and Information Technology and a minor in Art and Design Studio. 

“I’ve always known that computers and art are my two greatest interests. While on seemingly opposite sides of the spectrum, art and tech have always been integrated for me.” 

Griffin is currently working at the Tire Rack as a Website Quality Assurance Analyst where she routinely, manually tests multiple website projects and marketing emails daily, working from home. Prior to this position, she worked 2 years as a full-stack web developer for the Risque Development Group at Purdue University. Griffin then went on to complete a Quality Control Specialist Internship for AgPrinters, for which she has performed freelance QC work in the Spring/Summer months. 

In her free time, Griffin takes oil painting commissions and creates art content to maintain and update her own website as well as her artist social media accounts. She has also completed a variety of other creative projects including work in Game Development, Programming, Design and Fiber Arts. 

More recently, in 2022, she became more involved with design in Crochet, Fash
ion and Photography, along with Gardening outside of work. These are things Nicole spent a lot of time with in her childhood. 

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