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Crocheting Stockings for Christmas

It seems I turn into a Christmas Elf during the holiday season every year. I can honestly say this is my favorite time of year. With that said, I typically make some sort of Christmas craft to gift to my friends and family. It's a fun way to get in the holiday spirit, think creatively, and give loved ones a thoughtful gift!

Anyway, I made stockings last year also (you can see them on Instagram), but I didn't document the process much. Every so often I like to crochet. I find this happens typically when I lose motivation/time for painting, and crocheting has always had a way of making me feel motivated again. So I'm going to tell you how I made these stockings and what I think about them!

The pattern I used can be found here: (Ali can teach you how to make them - I cannot)

I used a different pattern this year than I did last year, but the two seem very similar - starting with a magic circle and basically double crochet in the round. I also want to say I am not an expert crochet master (I crochet like twice a year), but I do find myself getting better over time (practice makes perfect!).

Usually, I'll just use whatever yarn I have lying around when I crochet, but there were a couple of colors (like the yellow and white) that I didn't have. I really wanted to make the heel, toe, cuff situation of the stockings white this year instead of the ugly light dirt color I used last year. In the pattern, there is a lot of switching between double crochet and front post double crochet to add texture and I definitely got lost a couple of times, kept recounting my stitches, and watched all the stockings come out a little different. Also, I think these stockings are small and I will probably make larger ones going forward.

Third times the charm, right? Maybe I'll get it right next year...

I do like these stockings, especially because I somehow figured out how I can stitch the names into them easily, but it was a lot of trial and error for me at first. Last year, all the stockings I made were either red or green - so adding more colors to my yarnsenal is nice and the stockings look so much more cheerful!

I don't really have a reason for this post other than wanting to share the stockings on my site, but maybe it can help inspire in some way. I actually used to write blog posts more often as a freshman in college, when all I had was time to create things. The time is a little more sparse for me these days though.

You can see these stockings on my Instagram also: artbynicolegriffin

Happy Holidays! <3


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